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Unleash your knowledge & experience in research while getting rewards!

Make a change through interviews and surveys. Your contribution will be rewarded, not only for your own benefits but help others too by donation!

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Be Our Market Advisor

Be Our Market Advisor

As a market advisor, you will have the opportunity to offer your research-based expertise, experience, and ideas gathered through your work and daily life.

How research works?

In research, fully utilise your knowledge, experience, and ideas while earning rewards.

Your competencies will be matched with the demands of organisations and investors based on your profile information and the material you replied through questionnaires.

You will be sent relevant online surveys and interviews in which you will be asked for your feedback in order to help firms and investors develop or improve their products and services.

You will receive points and credits in exchange for your efforts. Credits define your rank for reputation and special privileges, whilst points can be swapped for valuable products.

Why should I Join?

Share your opinion to the world

Share your opinion to the world

Your skills, experience, and ideas are beneficial and valuable to firms and investors all around the world in the development of better products and services!

Use your pocket time wisely

Use your pocket time wisely

You may make the most of your time by sharing your expertise, experience, and ideas via surveys and interviews.

Get reward for your contribution

Get reward for yourself or donate to charity

After completing the survey and interviews, you will be rewarded with points and credits. Ascend the ranks to earn more points, which you may then exchange for cash or donate to charity.

Start your Journey as a Market Advisor

    REGISTER Create an account as a market advisor using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
    SHARE IDEAS Respond to surveys and attend interviews to share your thoughts.

    INVITE FRIENDS Invites your friends to become market advisors with you.

    EARN POINTS Points are awarded, which can be exchanged for valuable products.

    UP RANKINGTo improve your standing and reputation, collect credit.

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Who we are?

VMRC Research, specialized in online surveys, offers a diverse range of services which includes Healthcare Research, Market research, Loyalty research, Consumer research, CAPI, CATI, and Survey Designing at a global level.

With the help of our recognised and 24/7 available panel and recruitment channels, we bring out high quality actionable insights for consumers and business professionals round the globe and develop forward-thinking products to support informed, data-driven strategies, and identify growth opportunities.Our team is seasoned to provide best service in the research process undertaking survey design, sample procurement, fraud mitigation, field management, and insight development.

Our focus remains on the best research insights and help YOU reach best tactical and strategic standards in your expertise.

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